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Your Fears, Concerns & Worries

An HIV diagnosis can have a huge emotional and psychological impact on us.

When you are first diagnosed your knowledge of HIV may be totally out of date and influenced by 30 years of negative media coverage. This created an atmosphere where ignorance, fear, intimidation, and false news has thrived.

Therefore it is important to engage with the doctors, nurses, health advisors and patient representatives to learn as much as possible about living with the virus now. What happened to people when the virus first emerged in the eighties will not happen to you.

HIV is now considered a long-term manageable condition. We have effective medication, care and treatment which gives you back your life and gives you a future. This can mean:    

  • A healthy immune system    
  • Normal life expectancy    
  • Normal day to day activities    
  • Legal protection under the Law    
  • No transmission risk once undetectable   
  • Reduced risk of ill health regarding HIV    
  • The ability to father children    
  • Natural conception and birth    
  • Reduced risk of mother to child transmission

We encourage you to ask questions, get up to date information and educate yourself so that you can get on with your life – without unnecessary stress and anxiety.

The Peer Support workers 020 3317 5177