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GPs, Dentists and Complimentary Therapies


We advise all our patients to have a good GP who they trust and can talk to about their status. The clinic can then write to your GP about your treatment and medication. This means that your GP will not prescribe any treatment which may have a detrimental or dangerous impact on you or your HIV medication.

People often fear their confidentiality will be breached by the GP or other members of staff. However, your GP and the staff are all bound by codes of conduct and confidentiality which means they cannot disclose your status without your consent. Most GPs – particularly in London – now have a basic knowledge of the issues affecting people living with HIV.

Over 90% of our patients have now disclosed to their GP.

The Peer Support workers can help you find a GP in your area. Call us on 020 3317 5177 to find out more


The Peer Support workers have not dealt with a complaint about a dentist for many years.

Since the ban was lifted on HIV positive dentists practicing – when on medication and undetectable – there is a greater understanding of the effectiveness of HIV medication. Dentists still take universal precautions but are much more worried about other infectious diseases rather than HIV.

Free dental care – even in an emergency – is extremely difficult to access. NHS charges are standard and can be obtained from The Peer Support workers.

The Peer Support workers have a list of dentists recommended by patients as being particularly supportive. For more information call 020 3317 5177.

Complementary Therapies

There are very few free complementary therapies available to people living with HIV but there are many at low cost – or what you can afford.

Complimentary therapies available on referral include: osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, Thai massage, reflexology, Alexander technique, homeopathy and aromatherapy.

We particularly have a close working relationship with:    

The University Colledge of Osteopathy which has free clinics for people living with HIV and deal with back pain, strains, circulation problems, headaches, neuropathy and arthritis.   

The Helios Centre

For a referral, please contact The Peer Support workers 0203 317 5177