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Dealing With Your Diagnosis

You will not be expected to deal with your diagnosis on your own. Apart from your consultant or specialist nurse, the clinic offers a range of support.

A holistic approach and giving you all the latest up to date information is part of the ethos of the Bloomsbury Clinic.

Health Advisors offer one to one confidential counselling, information and support – and they can even contact your sexual partners anonymously so that they can get tested.

The Peer Support Workers  – who are living with HIV like you and are patients of the Bloomsbury Clinic – are available five days a week to offer peer support, advice and advocacy. It is sometimes easier to talk to someone who has been through the same fears, doubts and anxieties as you.

The Peer Support Workers deal with all your concerns from a patient’s perspective: coping with your diagnosis, how to tell people, stigma, discrimination, sex, relationships and more practical issues such as insurance, travel, hardship, employment and the Law.

They also offer a Beyond Diagnosis Course over three consecutive Saturdays, motivational workshops, educational forums, a women’s lunch club and social events.

You can contact the peers support workers directly 020 3317 5177