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Participatory Workshops

Workshops give people an opportunity to explore non-medical issues that are important to them in a new and creative way.

  • Facilitated by people living with HIV
  • Max 25 participants
  • Evaluation forms provide feedback on the effectiveness of the workshop and suggestions for future workshops.

Previous Forums

Nutrition and HIV

Nutritional advice and cookery demonstrations for healthy living on a budget. Presented by chefs and nutritionists from the Food Chain.

Building Self-Esteem and Confidence

Participants explore powerful tools to build self-esteem and confidence in order to unlock self-expression and fulfilment.

Telling Others

An opportunity to explore fears around telling other people. Where do these fears come from? Do we have a legal or moral obligation to disclose

An Introduction to Meditation and Yoga

How yoga and meditation can help deal with stress and help strengthen the immune system.

Love, Sex and Relationships

What kind of relationship do you want? What are the risks of transmission? Is HIV a barrier to finding love?

Back to Work

Course over two evenings. Assessing your achievements, identifying your strengths and skills, CVs, confidence building, interview techniques.