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Sexual Health Services – Focus Group

Sexual Health Services – Focus Group

Camden and Islington Public Health are running numerous focus group across the boroughs to get people’s views on sexual health services. So if you live in Camden or Islington and are happy to tell them what you want from sexual health services, they would like to hear from you.

Each participant gets a £20 voucher for a 1hr session. They won’t have to talk about personal experiences.

What is this research about?

Camden and Islington Public Health are holding focus groups in March to hear from residents in Camden and Islington about what theywould like from services in London which provide contraception as well as tests and treatment for sex-ually transmitted infections. This information will be used in deciding how best to deliver these services in the future.

What does the workshop involve?

You will not be asked to speak about your own experience of using sexual health services but asked for your thoughts and ideas on the best way to deliver these services. Questions will include:

What and where are the best places to deliver these services?
How can we make sure that services are available to the people who want to use them and are easy to use?
They are holding 11 different workshops and you will be able to choose the group that you feel most comfortable with including men and women only groups. They are particularly interested in hearing from the following groups: young people, gay or homosexual men, people living with HIV and Black Asian Minority Ethnic groups including Bangladeshi women, Latin American women, Black British or Black Caribbean women and African men and women living with HIV.

The focus groups will last up to an hour, and will be held in central venues in Camden and Islington.

Everything that you say will be completely confidential.

Who can take part?

Anyone over the age of 16 who lives in Camden or Islington. You do not have to have used sexual health services before to take part.

To take part or for further information, contact Esther Dickie, Public Health Officer on 0207 527 8766 or





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