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Here is what you missed if you were caught out in the rain last Thursday:

Chris Sandford, Patient Representative at Bloomsbury, opened the evening with a general overview of HIV globally and in the UK today. Putting things in perspective can help us challenge some of the misbeliefs and negative attitudes about HIV. It also helps us appreciate the high standards of service, care and support provided by the Mortimer Market Centre.

Download Chris Sandford Presentation

Diarmuid Nugent, Specialist Registrar at the Mortimer Market Centre took us through the some of the latest news:

Download Dr Diarmuid Nugent Presentation

Simon Collins, HIV positive treatment advocate and coordinator at I-Base, explained how we can access this community led information platform. He stressed the importance of making the best of your time in care by being informed and engaging in treatment relevant conversations with your doctor. He then moved on to talk about PReP, generic drugs, the cost implications they will have on the NHS and, consequently, on us as patients.

Download Simon Collins Presentation

Matt Bolton, UCL Lead Research Nurse on two studies currently recruiting at the Mortimer Market Centre:

Download Matt Bolton Presentation

If you would like to get involved or find out more please use the Matt’s contact details at the end of his presentation.

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Richard, London

Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and experience and courage with us!

Mohammed, Westminster

Thanks for giving me back my life and thanks for giving me hope. From now on I will be seeing my life differently. Thanks for everything over the last three weeks it has been a great course.

Ola, 43, Bow

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your time, support and more importantly faith that we can embrace our HIV status with a degree of confidence and pride

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