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The Patient representatives offer peer support, advice and advocacy five days a week. You can either make an appointment or just pop in – the door is always open and we are always happy to help. Our office is right next to the main Bloomsbury Clinic Reception.

There are now three salaried Patient Representatives who between them have a wealth of experience in dealing with a vast range of issues that may affect people living with HIV. There is a long term survivor, a mother with two HIV negative children and a recently diagnosed representative.

  • We provide are able to share our experiences with others and provide support.
  • We help people living with HIV and to improve the patient experience.
  • We are keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in HIV treatment.
  • We work alongside the clinical team to deliver excellent, compassionate patient care and real life understanding.

The Patient Representatives are friendly, compassionate and non-judgemental – It doesn’t matter what your concerns may be… we are here to help… and if we can’t…we will find out who can! Here is just a small example of the areas in which we have offered support:
starting medication, taking medication regularly, telling others, confidentiality issues, employment, benefits and housing, dental care & GPs, fear of stigma and discrimination, social isolation, emotional & psychological support, legal and immigration issues.

Angela Ariho – Patient Representative

Angela, originally from Uganda, was diagnosed 17 years ago in the antenatal clinic, she has two children who are both negative and the eldest in now 16. She has worked as a patient representative for 9 years.

Chris Sandford – Patient Representative

Chris was diagnosed over 30 years ago so there is not much he doesn’t know about living positively and long term with HIV. He has worked as a Patient Representative for over 5 years, is administrator of the Patient Network and has facilitated many Newly Diagnosed Courses.

Cristian – Patient Representative

Cristian has joined Angela and Chris as the third patient representative. Originally from Bucharest he studied Anthropology and Philosophy at UCL. He has always wanted to build a career in health care, with a focus on psychological wellbeing. He was diagnosed two years ago and as well as working in the Bloomsbury Clinic volunteers for Positively UK.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support. Your approachability, understanding and advice were invaluable in helping me to cope with a very traumatic period in my life. Thank you so much

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Richard, London

Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and experience and courage with us!

Mohammed, Westminster

Thanks for giving me back my life and thanks for giving me hope. From now on I will be seeing my life differently. Thanks for everything over the last three weeks it has been a great course.

Ola, 43, Bow

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your time, support and more importantly faith that we can embrace our HIV status with a degree of confidence and pride

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