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Find out about the Bloomsbury Patient Network

The Bloomsbury Patient Network offers peer support and group work to help you live positively with your diagnosis. We offer a range of social, educational and motivational events thought the year. These include:

  • Newsletters
  • Educational forums
  • Participatory workshops
  • Newly Diagnosed courses
  • Medical treatment updates
  • HEP C co-infection workshops
  • Women’s Lunch club
  • Our very own Bloomsbury Choir

All our events are free but you do need to book in advance!

The most important part of all of these events is the chance to receive support and friendship from others living with HIV – a sense of belonging and a feeling of safety where people can express their fears, feelings and problems; where they can learn from others’ experiences, use others as role models, and realise that they are not alone; that other people are similar and that their feelings are normal; that they can find solutions to life’s problems by accessing not only their own strengths but also those of other participants.

Bloomsbury Patient Network Chair – Garry Brough

We have collected a few quotes from Members and Professionals

Thank you for being yourself and all the invaluable support, information and help you offered

Network Member


The range of speakers has been very impressive and represent important organisations. It is good to know we can influence national policies and the voice of the patient is being heard.

Michael, PR Manager


I started the course after a week after my diagnosis and would recommend it to anyone who has just found out, no matter how soon. It is a fantastic course I have learned a lot. Very Helpful and chearful

Ruth, 32, London


Proud to help!

We are proud to be helping our network members and improving the well being of others.

Bloomsbury Patient Network

Three reasons to get involved

The Bloomsbury Patient Network is highly respected group that actively advocates to improve the life of those who are living with HIV. Get involved in the Network's activities or help support us.

  • The network has great information
  • Live a happier and more fullfilling life
  • Get the latest information on HIV innovations and treatments

Richard, London

Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and experience and courage with us!

Mohammed, Westminster

Thanks for giving me back my life and thanks for giving me hope. From now on I will be seeing my life differently. Thanks for everything over the last three weeks it has been a great course.

Ola, 43, Bow

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your time, support and more importantly faith that we can embrace our HIV status with a degree of confidence and pride

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