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The Bloomsbury Patient Network is a fantastic way to meet other patients, gain access to our great 1-2-1 support & information, attend group events and workshops – all with the aim of improving life whilst having fun. The Bloomsbury Patient Representatives are all patients of the clinic and living with HIV. They offer advice and advocacy, and work closely with our expert medical staff at the Bloomsbury Clinic to provide you with up-to-date information, treatment and care.

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Discover the great medical treatment, psychological support on offer and other services available at the Bloomsbury Clinic, Mortimer Market Centre.

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Find out about the patient network

Discover the patient network; find out how you can get involved with its innovative workshops, courses and events. All our services are free to Bloomsbury Patients.

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The history of The Bloomsbury Patient Network

In 1999 two patients – Garry Brough and Peter Twist – set-up the Bloomsbury Patient Network and won a Millennium Awards Grant which enabled them to pursue their desire of making patient involvement more meaningful, to promote a sense of “belonging” within the clinic and allow patients to take more responsibility for improving their health outcomes.

In 2004 Garry Brough became the first salaried, part-time patient representative offering peer support, advice and advocacy. He left the Bloomsbury clinic to join The Terence Higgins Trust in 2008 but remains chair of the Patient Network.

The Bloomsbury Patient Network has continued to go from strength to strength and now there are three Patient Reps.

The Bloomsbury Patient Network and Patient Representatives engaged over 1500 patients last year – either in individual peer support sessions, workshops, forums, newly diagnosed courses or social events.

The Patient Network and the Patient Representatives have a proven track record of effecting change at the Bloomsbury Clinic. Just take a look at the list of changes that we have had been involved with at the Bloomsbury Clinic:

  • the opening of the in-house pharmacy.
  • the phlebotomy unit.
  • the introduction of the evening clinics.
  • the refurbishment of the Bloomsbury Clinic.
  • on call doctor service.

We aim to continue to represent the views of the patient in how our clinic is run.

To support or join the Bloomsbury Patient Network contact the Patient Representatives on 020 3317 5177

Richard, London

Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and experience and courage with us!

Mohammed, Westminster

Thanks for giving me back my life and thanks for giving me hope. From now on I will be seeing my life differently. Thanks for everything over the last three weeks it has been a great course.

Ola, 43, Bow

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your time, support and more importantly faith that we can embrace our HIV status with a degree of confidence and pride

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